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An Emergency Response Plan

An Emergency Response Plan

We at Hydradry are ready to approach any dehumidification/drying, general contracting / reconstruction, mold removal remediation, and emergency response situations 24/7. No matter how prepared we are, we want you also to be ready for any type of natural disaster or emergency situation. We hope you find this guide effective and useful for yourself and or your family.



Right away, during any emergency, make the call to 911. Contact local authorities. When you make your initial call to any public emergency service, wherever you may locate be or whomever you’re with, do what you can to provide details with a calm and level-headed demeanor.
Dispatch on the other line is there to assist. However, they will not be able to establish the situation with a frantic caller. You may be required to listen clearly to dispatch from time to time; they may provide helpful tips and or rules that will accommodate your current accident, environmental, or emergency situation.

Protective actions for life safety include:

Evacuation – One of the most important things anyone can do when it comes to emergency disaster preparedness is having an evacuation plan. Some disasters can be severe enough that they require residents to leave their homes and head for safer areas.Typically, with an evacuation plan in place, the day or two warning often given should be enough to suffice and help you reach a safe area. If immediate evacuation is necessary, planning could make a huge difference.

Sheltering – There are some disasters that can hit, and when they do, they may require individuals to take shelter at various locations. Typically, this means the families must stay at a location with others outside of the hazardous zone.Typically, the individuals inside the area where the disaster is being told specific shelter locations where they can go to stay safe. Make sure you recognize shelter locations so you can act quickly should a disaster strike.

Shelter-In-Place – Some emergencies do not give residents enough warning to put their evacuation plans into action. However, there is another option: shelter-in-place. Some residents may have home shelters that can prevent them from being harmed in the event of a disaster. If you have a shelter-in-place, think of the things you may need and what items to stock up on. Also, make sure that there are barricades to help protect you and anyone else in the shelter. Your shelter should be able to withstand some disasters. Shelter-in-place can help with airborne hazards as well.

How hydradry can help

After a severe storm, people are left dealing with the aftermath, often finding themselves in difficult situations and waiting for help. This also means realizing that their home has suffered serious damage from water, mold, soot, and more.

We aim to help.

We recognize how serious a situation it is to lose belongings and property due to a disaster. Our goal is to take the necessary steps and provide the services to get your property back to its pre-disaster condition, so you have nothing to worry about moving forward.

Our team can help with the following reconstruction services, including anything from the property itself to electronics, furniture, and more:

At Hydradry, we recognize that this is a time when you need help. You need someone by your side to give you hope that everything is going to be okay. From water and flood damage to fire damage and more, we are a team you can trust.

We bring more than 40 years of experience to every job we handle, and we believe that every person we help counts. Call (407) 290-0567 today or contact us online to get started with a cleaning or restoration service in Orlando!

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