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24-Hour Emergency Service — How HYDRADRY Remediates your Property of Mold

Mold Removal Orlando Florida

Count on the team at HYDRADRY Orlando for Mold Removal & Remediation Orlando services. Mold can impact your health, your home and your office. The definition of Mold is a harmful micro organism that grows on organic material when a water source is present. Living in Florida you can see how this is a major problem for home & property managers.

In our state of Florida, most of the mold grows in areas containing high humidity. Places like this include closed up houses or condos with an A/C system broken or turned off. If Water Damage occurs in a home and is not properly dried out, mold can develop.

Moisture damage in properties can be caused by the moisture exceeding the tolerance of building materials and structures. Thus, the growth of mold. Mold can & will damage materials after long exposure. Mold organisms may have permanent effects and the requirements for repairing the problems and damages may escalate the longer one waits before making repairs.

Let the team of Mold Removal Orlando & Mold Remediation Contractors at HYDRADRY inspect your home for Mold and provide the necessary Mold Remediation services.

Call us at (407) 290-0567 right away for residential and commercial mold damage cleanup in Orlando.

What are Mycotoxins?

(WHO), The World Health Organization defines mycotoxin as:

  • A Toxin- A naturally produced poison
  • Mycotoxin- A naturally produced byproduct of Fungi (Mold) that evoke a toxic response when introduced in low concentrations to Vertebrates (e.g. humans, dogs, cats, etc.) by a natural route.

Mycotoxins are produced by several different toxin producing fungi found in indoor water damaged environments, and their impact may be LIFE-THREATENING!

Are Your Aware…

  • Trichothecenes produced by Stachybotrys (Black Mold), often found in homes with water damage, are so lethal that they have been used in the manufacture of chemical warfare agents.
  • Aflatoxins, produced by mold found in many homes are, are the most potent agent known to man for natural cancers, and its Ingestion is known to cause liver cancer in humans.
  • Animal studies with mycotoxins have proven that inhalation may be the most toxic route of exposure. Death rapidly occurs when √ certain lab animals are exposed to mycotoxins by inhalation.
  • Ochratoxins, also produced by fungi living indoors, are reported by the National Toxicology Program as: “Reasonably Anticipated to be Human Carcinogens”.
  • Further studies on mycotoxins produced by black mold have shown that the toxins can be transfer from mother to infant through breastfeeding.

Why Use a Licensed Orlando Mold Company

When you need a Mold Removal Orlando FL Contractor, you should always hire a licensed one who is certified by the State of Florida for Mold Removal & Mold remediation. The best Mold Restoration Orlando contractors can take care of everything from A to Z. Only a licensed contractor with a license for mold removal is qualified to perform mold remediation and then rebuild.

HYDRADRY is a team of licensed Orlando Mold Removal & General Contractors. We can help ensure that the structural integrity of your home is never compromised.

Our Mold Remediation Orlando Process

The process for Mold Removal in Orlando Florida consists of multiple items including:

  • Establishing containment around the affected area
  • The removal of damaged materials
  • Cleaning and HEPA vacuuming to remove mold spores on surfaces
  • Running air scrubbers with HEPA filters to eliminate or drastically reduce airborne mold spores.

Orlando Mold Removal services are performed by our Licensed pros. We perform a variety of additional emergency restoration services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our Removal & Restoration team is trained in Mold Removal & Remediation by the IICRC and follows S-520 standards for the removal of microbial growth. Proper removal also always includes clearance testing from a license industrial hygienist or laboratory to assure the work has been completed successfully.

Once the Mold Removal job passes the clearance test, it is time to put your home back together again. Our General Contractor division has a great reputation for both mold removal and home remodeling services.

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