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Natural disasters like hurricanes and floods can cause a lot of water damage in a short period of time. The aftermath may seem a little overwhelming, but not all is lost, especially when you utilize the professional services of the water damage restoration team at HydraDry. As a company that specializes in structural drying, we can quickly return your home or business to its pre-loss condition in no time at all. Our certified technicians are dedicated to providing fast, reliable, and affordable emergency services for hurricane damage, flood damage, and sewage backup damage caused by flooding no matter what time of day or night.

Having a plan in place for when disaster strikes makes terrible situations much easier to bear. By keeping HydraDry’s water damage specialists in mind at the first sign of trouble, you will have the qualified resources you need to put up a strong defense.


If water damage is not dealt with properly, you will have more to worry about than just soggy carpeting. Secondary damage like water staining, odors, and mold growth can compromise the structural integrity of your home or commercial property, leaving you with no other alternative than tearing everything out and starting anew.

To avoid this costly scenario, the water extraction experts at HydraDry create an effective drying system by applying their understanding of how relative humidity, temperature, vapor pressure, and air movement influences drying conditions. Our IICRC-certified technicians continuously monitor your project daily with ThermalScan IRC-2000™ infrared imaging cameras to ensure accuracy and efficiency during the drying process. Using a MD-30 Hydronic trailer-mounted dehumidifier, our project managers can greatly decrease the risk for mold caused by water damage by removing water and moisture from drywall, plaster, interior paint, cement floors, carpets, insulation, and basements. All of this adds up to saving you a lot of time and money in restoration and replacement costs.


Disaster can strike at any time, so the water damage experts at HydraDry have come up with a few simple tips to help mitigate damage and reduce the chance of costly repairs.

  • Board up or place protective tape or sandbags over windows and glass doors to minimize flying glass and water damage.
  • Move furniture and other items to higher levels.
  • Locate and label gas, electricity, and water shut-offs beforehand and store a shut-off wrench where it will be immediately available. When disaster strikes, shut off the utilities as needed.
  • Secure loose rain gutters and downspouts, making sure all areas are free from clogs and debris.
  • Purchase or install a portable generator for use during power outages.
  • Trim tree limbs or remove damaged trees to keep your property safe.

Whether you need professional sewage backup extraction or water damage restoration services, HydraDry is here to help! To find out more information, contact our knowledgeable and friendly team at 877-3793696!

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