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What We Do Here at Hydradry

What We Do Here at Hydradry


Here at Hydradry, we are a company that has over 40 years experience and we are family owned and operated and serving all of the central Florida areas. We have advanced equipment that has updated technology and able to service all of our customer’s needs in the cleaning and restoration of your homes or businesses. Our customers are amazed at all our technology can do for them.

We have our new resources of science we used to restore just about anything. It is designed to dry out any moisture that can cause mold and fungus to grow or ruin any products or possessions that one may own through any type of water damage. The majority of water damage comes from leaky pipes, leaky roofs, or busted appliances such as hot water heaters and washing machines.

We always have somebody available to respond to requests made either by email or by phone messages within an hour or less and our experts are licensed and insured to restore any damages anyone may have. If anyone had any of these damages to their home, they know that they need fast and immediate service for any fire damage, water damage, storm damage, or mold. We can help the public with all this and much more.

Water Damage

Our Workers are trained to use the state-of-the-art equipment and apply our special cutting-edge techniques to where no job is too big for us to handle. Here in the Florida area, we are prone to hurricanes and tropical storms that can cause water damage inside the homes. There are some areas where Florida is known for its wetlands and warm sunny days, where moisture can build up inside the home. We use our special scientific equipment to dehumidify the home.

Along with the water damage from any of these scenarios, many people know the growth of mold is not too far behind. Mold can cause a lot of illnesses such as allergies, respiratory infections, flu-like symptoms, and many other problems which can make a person very sick and for the children and elderly, possible death. Children and elderly have weaker immune systems to where they have a harder time fighting off these respiratory illnesses.

We are able to restore many items in the home and businesses that have water damage to stop mold right in its tracks. We also have our contracting team which can reconstruct the home or business after any water damages so the customer does not have to worry about this problem again.

Fire and smoke damage

For any fire damages that may occur in the home or business, we can also salvage most of the person’s items and belongings if the fire hasn’t too severely damaged or destroyed everything. Smoke damage caused by fires is something that we can help restore many items back to its original form. However, if everything has been destroyed we can also assist the public in the cleanup process to restore the property so that the home or business can be rebuilt. This is where we can also assist in the reconstruction process.

Our Consultation Team

For many people, when a disaster strikes the one thing people feel is helplessness and oftentimes don’t even know where to begin. This is where our consulting team can assist with the utmost professional service. We will scan the area and see what type of repairs need to be done whether major or minor the customer can rest assured they will get the most honest and trustworthy estimate of repairs and will know what the job entails before we even begin. Though we also do residential consulting, these are some of the types of companies we have consulted when disaster strikes.

  • Industrial and manufacturing plants
  • Educational buildings
  • Healthcare buildings
  • Hospitality industry
  • Any and all commercial properties

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